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The Topspot program is designed to bring your videos more visibility and traffic. They aim to do this by focusing on the top 2 search engines , Google and Youtube, and putting their clients into a position to take advantage of the traffic that occurs there daily. Then, taking that traffic and learning how to bring their clients qualified leads. This process requires a healthy website and the team of Dezining was chosen to perform this task.


This business is quit complicated and the main challenge in this project was to understand requirements completely. Requirements analysis is the first and most important part of any project. Before the development starts, a complete requirements analysis should be done to understand targeted audience and expected customers. So the fist part of this project was a bit crucial which was handled by our business analysts and experts.


Through apt communication and systematic consolidation of information, our team analyzed the existing website and point out the areas of improvement which were based on the user experience that was hindered by lack of clarity in terms of search results and the visibility of the right content to the right audience. The problems identified were then translated in to a complete solution that allowed Topspot to communicate their vision effectively across the middle east. Dezining delivered a product that not only improved the search engine results but also ensured a secured content base that minimized data breach threats.

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