Keys are the most important part of our life. We have keys for everything, our home, our stores, our windows, padlocks, offices, cars, bikes and much more. We all have lots and lots of keys and to make matters worse we have duplicate spare keys for everything, including our neighbour’s homes and family member’s homes. We cannot afford to lose a key and have no alternative for that. So to cope with this problem Our Australian client came up with an Idea. So a website developed for the company who take care of your spare keys and Deliver when you need it. This company is based in Australia.

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This company was starting its carrier from a single country and aims to cover the worldwide market to provide its services. To provide dedicated services to the startup industry, the web solution had to be visceral and inclusive of key touch points related to starting business companies. Understanding concept and use cases can be challenging, hence the idea was to simplify the whole process for the end users and allow users to secure their keys on a secured platform and request them whenever they want.



The solution was divided into two main modules to handle each and every functional part of the system. The first module contains all the features of submitting a key to the company which included 3 main categories of the keys (i.e. car key, business key and home key). This module also included picking up key services with much more features to provide a very user-friendly system for the customers. The second module was designed to request any key from the company which also included 3 different categories (i.e. car key, business key and home key). A team of 4 developers and 2 designers collaborated on this project to generate happy feedback from the client.



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