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Decor 2 Sell | Dezining.com


The Topspot program is designed to bring your videos more visibility and traffic. They aim to do this by focusing on the top 2 search engines , Google and Youtube, and putting their clients into a position to take advantage of the traffic that occurs there daily. Then, taking that traffic and learning how to bring their clients qualified leads. This process requires a healthy website and the team of Dezining was chosen to perform this task.Our client “decor2sell” is Australia”s first property styling company. The company’s goal is to stage a property as a house with a personal connection vibe where the visitor can perceive or imagine a happy future. The company consists of a team with an interior designer, home stager, senior home stylists and logistic. The company offers services to style or re-do house interior for instant add in monetary profit and the quick sale of the property. The client’s company has been successfully staging houses for a better sale rate in the competitive retail market. Decor2sell is well acquainted and possess accessories and transport means and can assure to stage your house within 90mints for a retail property shoot.





Decor2sell is a family-owned business. The client’s company goal is to stage a home in the most appealing way for the highest rate of retail visitors and potential buyers. Whereas, our team challenge required to help them step up the digital marketing game of the 21st century. The technical team is required to design and develop a website that would portray our client’s abilities and aesthetic sense of home styling. The client also needed a functional design catalog/ plan for the process and purchase of the company’s full property styling plans.


The desired look and efficiency was achieved by the team working step by step in the project. The first step was the detailed research on the existing competitor portray in the market. Based on the information by our business analyst and the research of market targeted audience location, the team of 2 web designers and 3 developers provided variations for the client’s website that will provide an enhanced, robust and enriched user experience. The website’ s control panel and integration layer development was further approved by 2 QA-engineers for smooth functionality.


As a result of professional services, the company Decor2sell website offers smooth navigation throughout the website. The company is satisfied with the digital solution provided for the co-operating system, user interface, and product catalogues.



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